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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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livee..with information on the officer's ondition nd who pulled the trigger. trigger. 3
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16 years after a man was gunned down in westtbaatimore ... a mother is still seerching for her son's killer. brian moss was walking ii his neighborhood with friend ... when someone shot them happened just five days before christmas. his mother, elindaamorrison, says ttere have been no leads, and no suspects.the detectives investigating ee son'' death believes sommone...saw something... and she's asking them to come forrarr. "i pray on hii every nnght, i myyson's killer is brought to justice" it's never too late, if you have god in your
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heart...please ccme forward" &pplay college footbaal at plorida stateeunnveesity... programs in the country.if yyu know anythinggthat coold help detectives with this cold &pcase, you are asked to call baltimore city police. police are getting involved after everal vicious dog attacks in southeast baltimorr. baltimore.janicc park is live at patterson park near where &pthe attacks have left both dogs and people injured. patterson park is a placee where lots of people ccme to walk their ddgs. ut recentty several people living in his neighborhood ay fighting pitbulls have attacced their dogs for no reason...and one owner says when she tried to intervene the dog it hee finger and broke it. it. pitbulls almoss killed her poodle on nov 18th. she says the pitbulls were freely leashes when tey tarted to - rip the flesh off her dog. she and a neiggboo had to throw
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bricks at the dogs who dol-go says thhn bit her finger before attacking another dog. ii response pollce in the southeastern districc are holding a eeting: soo. joanne dolgow dog ownee.. "and he was sitting on the curb here like someone had bben a toddler sitting here 3&the meetinn tonight where police will address recent ddg attaaks will be at the south eassern police district at 7 at patterson park jp an occupy baltimore prooester charged with first degree assault.....accuued of aatacking another prooester. protester.police say 23--ear- old esiree nicholsonnstabbed the woman during an argument over a happened just after midnight at the occupy camp in mckellin square.the victim was rushed to johns hopkinn hospittl with stab -wo but is in stable condition. nicholson is being held on 75-
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thoussnd doolars baii. a deputy sheriff who took a bullet serving a high risk warrant coulddlose his job. job. that's being decided today at a hearing held for baltimore city sseriff's deputy james lane. lane was shot in home. the sheriff's department intially said lane was shot by a lane ad missgvings abouttthe ooficial vvrrion of events..... doubts he shared his an exclussve - 14:22::5"the caliber of the bullet adeea bigger hole in my face thamn prrbably a .38a&the suspect supposedly had a .3814:33:06"it tells me they are lyyng about the whole " thing"no ord yet oo a decision in lane's case. the &psheriff's department hhs aass declined to release findings into lane's claimm. some balttmore city council members are outraged tonight... after learning a city worker accused of
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stealing scrap metal for almost 20 years.... coull cash in again. again. ssveral months ago.... ffx 45 recorded hearlee bruce scraping metal that elonged to the city. since our investigation, bruce has come clean and admittedd that he's fox 45 has now uncovered bruce coold retiie with his full convicted of stealing from thh city. city employees convvcted of crimes from claiming their pension. peveral council members want 17:33:58 we should look at sancttoning and keeeing a part if not all thier pension so i think we really need to look at thii legislativvly. :07 17:43:11 when you're ttlling about public empplyees and they do something on the taxpayer dollar thaa violates phe public rust there should :16 despite bruce's city's payroll tonight. that brings us to ourrquestion of the day. should employees convicted of crimes
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against thh city be alllwed too pollect tthir pension?? go to ffx-baltimore dot coo and tell us what you think. yyu can also sound off through at foxbaltimore. and you can text your nswer to 45203. stephanie rawlinns bllke will be ssoon into office tomorrow. the inaugural ceremonn will take place at city hall tooorrow at 11-thhrty. this begins rawlings-blake's first áfullá teem. the mayor's phe hilton hotel on pratt street. you can see the inauguration as it happens. we will stream the ceremony on our website.. foxbaltimore dot com. how are thh roads looking tonig? tonight?lauren ook has our praffic edge report. rrport.
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anotter week...another wwn. ravens fans areecelebrating once agaii tonight after the pavens defeat the cleveland &pbbowns. in the first quarttr... ray rice giies thheravens an early lead with a 6 yard touchdown. rice ran for a careee high 204 yards..nd then later, another spectacular took the punt ann went 68 yards... and that put the cap
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the ravens to a 9-3 record. and fans are showing off their purple pride. renee crockerrof of her son, cason.he looks awfully ccte in his ravens gear and is oping for another win nxt week. and mike costello ent us prooffof his purple pridd...... heejust got this ravenss tatoo.... o show his loveefor the team. we want toosee áyourá "purple pride".go tt foxbaltimore ot com-slash-purple pridd to send your ravens fan phhtos or directly from yourrcell phonns to "purple at foxbaltimore dot com." menopause to cancer are m - tradition to help reduce he pain. the treatment thht's traditional medicines. p3 a robbery gone wrong... when p brave store clerk takes matters in his own hands. the fast moves heeused to take the
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in the hands of a bbltimorr jury. paul sccurick is ccused ssppress voter turnout in the last race for governor.john rydell is streaming now wwth wwattlawyers said during closing arguments &p 3 33
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3 & 3 3 3 3 afterrdozens of city &presidents received astronomiial water bills by mistake.... the city begins the process of replacing antiquateddwater meter readers. 12-thousand homes that still have a 40-year oll system, are readers. some of the old oness
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didn't work... so ustomer's billl had to be eetimattd. public works officials say this s the first step ttwards (celeste amado-city public works)"in the future we will be upgrading the entire meter rrading systtm so that ll be remote read."of homes will read." the overhaul wwll cost 130 mmllion dollars and taae 5 years to complete. &p3 fists fly at convenience storee...and it's all captured &pon surveillence video. phis store clerr says he was cleaning theeshop when a man him demanding money. so he twwce! the clerk was stabbed in the chest aad the suspect &pran away without takiig anything. thh clerk had to get four stitches. but he says he woulddstill fight anybody who ww have an issue... and this ..-
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is the issue. a snake in our christmas tree. it's beginning to look more like a horror film... than christmas.a north carolina family was turning off thee ligghs... when they saw something movinggin the tree. turns out it was a corn pnake... dannling from a branch.the famiiy named it in the woodsshen set it free - &pacupuucture... an annient chinese practice is becoming more pppular among patients. patients. many americann are nnw tuuning to the practice as conditions ranging from po infertility. in some cases, acupuncture has ppovvn to be mediiines. 50:24 " we did the acupuncture and it made a world of difference for me 38 ///but
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to//37:28 it gives me &pbut doctors warn its not a more research needs to be one on acupuncture to exxlore ttn... find out how ews at man'' speech... and ow a cancer patient is using it to reduce pain. 3 nats:yeah i'm chiilin on a dirt road... we're just hours away from the ameeican country awaads...aad country's for the big night.. wose expected to take the stage,... and the performers that will be honored tonight. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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music will ccme ttgether tonight for the 22d annual "american country awards"" candace dold tells us what &psets this show apart from shows. 3 3 3 p3 p3 3 &p3 3 3 33 tte show is unique because it's all up to the faas vott. one star who will probably take homeea few awards is jason'' ne of his reccnt hits.nats:yeah i'm chillin on a dirt rrad...laid back swervin like im george
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jones that is "dirt road anthem".. it iisthe higheet pharting single of jason's know that the legendary band "alabama" will be honored award".the band will also perform's what the stage.owen says: "they gave us the opportuuity to do american counnry awards 3e fox45.i'm candace dold and that's your lowdown. a chilly starttto theework week... and we can expecttsome rain tonight. chief meeerologist vytas reed how wet its going to get?ook at 3get? &p hen ees
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breaks.. you can access the latest informaaion right on yyur cell phone. download theefox45 obile news app forryour roid or i-phone. it includes weather onditionss. all at your ffngertips. go to foobaltimore dot com ann look corner of the screen. p3
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"sinning... collapse" collapse" a christmas concert collapsee..the students that went tumbling down...and the unusual reaction from the audiince.
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hey evvryone, i'm morgan adsit. three straight with linebacker ray lewis on the sideline. lewis still not ready to go during the seattle loss.lewiss practiced during beegals and 49ers week...but was shut down por all things brrwns..with the winless coltt almost think it's not worth playing lewis for that game yoo haae to hand it to the ravens linebackkr core... jameel mcclain and "ttey played at a really high level so that's really encouraging and i thiiks it's a tribute o them, to the coaches nd to ray, as far as that's posiiive for us. ; ss obviously a healthy ray lewis playing at the caliber he's
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capable of playing at heeps us know. he says he's going to be - probably been somewhattve - cautiouss we want to make sure so, we'll just havv to see how it goes again this week." join me at the windsoo inn tonight forrtte coorr light silver of the defensive stars from last night's game... dannell ellerbe will be the guest... taping staats at 7 o'clock... be sure to get here early and wear your urple and black to thh windsor inn r the coors pight silver spotlight... terrell stoglin named we'll have the lattst on baseball's winter meetings... that's coming uu att10-50 and p1-30 on sports unlimited...
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a school performancc taaes a turn for the worst. sinning, screams screams middle sshooo students n north dakota are seen and heard singgng silent night" when... the rrserssthey'ree standinggon... sends the students plummeting to the ground.luckily... no one was hurt.parents on the capttue the wild that's all for fox455news at 5:30."judge jjdy" is next.and we'lllbe back tonight for ffx455news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we''l see you llter. later.
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